Project on Agriculture

Projects Completed On Agriculture


We design & supply poly houses on a small scale as well as a large scale. Poly houses designed are fully automatic type or semi-automatic types, suitable for growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

We design and set up tissue culture labs for developing plants from tissues of banana plants, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, and more. We provide complete technology to establish and grow tissue culture plants.

We design and set up plant nurseries for fruits, flowers, sugarcane, and vegetable nursery. In the nursery, small plants are grown in plastic trays, pots, etc. Those plants are further planted on farm fields. This nursery can be small-scale or large-scale.

We design and supply plants for making grain seed. Grain seeds making plants are used for making treated best-quality seeds for sowing.

Grain seed plant consists of :

  1. Product elevators
  2. Graders
  3. Gravity separators
  4. Destoner
  5. Seed treater
  6. Weigher
  7. Packing machine

We supply agriculture-use implements like, disk harrows, plows, cultivators, rotors, fertigation, trolley, and harvesters. We also supply some manual use implements like sickle, harrow, axe, etc.

We design and set up drip irrigation systems, and sprinkler systems for agriculture farms. Depending upon crop pattern, farm area drip irrigation systems are designed.

We design and supply tractor operated as well as manual-type insecticide/pesticide sprayers. These are specially designed based on crop patterns. It ensures full coverage of the spray. Knapsack sprayers are manual pump type, engine operated as well as battery operated.

We design and supply farm automation for watering and fertigation. This system is designed based on crop pattern field area and the level of automation required. The system consists of water/liquid fertilizer tanks, piping, solenoid valves, moister measuring sensors, PH measuring sensors, a control panel, etc. complete system can be operated on a mobile phone.

We design and do consulting work for different types of fruit & vegetable farms. Our services include a complete guide from farm field preparation, cultivation of plants, maintenance, harvesting, packing, etc.

We supply handle-operated power trillers for small farmers. Power trillers have different attachments for farm preparation, fertigation, and cultivation.