Project on Agro process industries

Projects Completed On Agro Process Industries


We design and supply sugar factories on small as well as large scales. Our designed sugar factories are equipped with modern technology and the most efficient

We design and supply oil extraction plants from small-scale to large-scale. Our plant most economical and versatile of different oil seeds.

We design and supply medium to large-scale oil refineries. This oil refinery is an extension of an oil extraction plant.

We design and supply concentrated pulp manufacturing plants these plants are used for making pulp of different fruits like mango, papaya, avocado, tomato, etc.

We design and supply starch manufacturing plants this starch is manufactured from corn, potato, cassava, etc.

We design and supply plants for making different kinds of chips like potatoes, bananas, cassava, etc. This plant may be deep oil fried or vacuum fried types.

We design and supply plants for making juices of pulpy fruits or citrus fruits. Pulpy fruits like mango, papaya, and tomato juices are directly made from preserved pulp or fresh pulp. Citrus juices like pineapple and orange are directly made from fruit juice, R.O. water, preservatives, sugar, and further pasteurization of this mix.

We design and supply plants for making jams and jellies from pulpy fruits. Sugar is added to the pulp and cooked until getting the desired brix. Jams and jellies are further packed into glass bottles or plastic containers.

We design and supply vegetable or fruit canning plants. In this plant, fruits are washed and chopped into desired shapes and filled into sterilized cans. This plant includes a chopping machine, can former, can seamer, sterilizer, steam boiler, etc.

We design and supply solvent extraction plants. Solvent extraction plants are used for the extraction of essential oils like citronella oil, lemon grass oil, etc. These oils are used in different industries like soap, perfumes, food industry as the essence of that particular extract.

We design and supply various capacity dehydration plants for drying and dehydrating of different vegetables and fruits. We supply electric dehydration plants as well as solar-based dehydration plants.

  1. Sugar Cane – Jaggery, Sugar Honey.
  2. Sunflower, Ground Nut, Cotton Seed – Oil extraction plants.
  3. Refined Oil – Soya, Cotton Seeds, Ground Nut and Sunflower.
  4. Concentrate Pulp & Powder – Tamarind, Tomato, Banana, Onion, Garlic, Egg Powder.
  5. Starch – Potato Corn, Swurghum.
  6. Chips – From Potato and Banana.
  7. Juice – Tomato, Fruits (Grapes, Orange).
  8. Jam and Jelly – Mango, Papaya

9. Canning – Fruits and Vegetables.
10. Ghee – Vegetable, Sunflower
11. Solvent Extraction Plants – Oil cake based.
12. Powder – Chili Powder, Curry Powder.
13. Mills – Dal Mill.
14. Dehydration Plants – Garlic Flakes, Onion, Vegetables, Mushroom.
15. Neem Oil from Neem Seeds and their other Products.
16. Corn/Maize – Processing for Flakes, Glucose.
17. Paper from wheat husk.