Projects On Agro Industry

We design and supply different types of grain cleaning, grading, and packing units. The plant can be used for multiple types of grains.

We design and supply organic fertilizer-making plants with different formulations. This plant consists of mixing, grinding, and packing machines.

We design and supply plants for making insecticides and pesticides. The plant consists of different formulations, laboratory, blending units, and bottling units.

We design and supply scientific fruit ripening units for Banana, Mango, and Papaya fruits. This fruit ripening chamber consists of humidity controllers, an air circulation system, ethylene gas-releasing system.

We design & supply grading units for different types of harvested fruits and vegetables. This unit consists of different types of fruit, flower, and vegetable cleaning equipment, sorting conveyors, packing machines, etc.

We design and supply different capacity cold storage for the storage of fruits, vegetables, and flowers at different temperatures. Cold storage is designed for uniform and constant temperature air circulation.

We design & supply different capacity warehouses for grain storage. Grain storage warehouses may have grain cleaning, grading, and packing units along with grain conveying systems. 

Our designed warehouses are well-ventilated and most suitable for material movements. We also provide weighbridges of the capacity of 30 tons to 150 tons for weighing trucks and lorries.

We design artificial water storage ponds from a capacity of 5000 liters to 20000000 liters. Our designed water storage ponds are scientifically designed considering the slope of the land and other farm conditions. Plastic liners (Geo-membrane) used are 200 microns to 500 microns with UV-resistant formulation.

We design & supply legume-making plants. These plants are used for making legumes from Chickpeas, pigeon peas, Horse beans, etc. This plant consists of grading, soaking, splitting, and polishing equipment.