Projects Completed Related To Construction


We design and supply cement block-making plants. This plant consists of cement and additives mixing machines, block molding machines, and a drying chamber. These blocks are widely used for construction purposes.

We design and supply cement paving block-making plants. This plant consists of a cement and sand mixing unit, molding machines, and rubber molds. These paving blocks come in different sizes and shapes.

We design and supply cement pipe-making machines. This plant consists of a cement and sand mixing unit, a centrifugal vertical or horizontal spinning machine, and different size molds. These cement pipes are largely used for sewage handling, and water connecting under bridges.

We design and supply cement door and window frame-making plants. This plant consists of cement and sand mixing unit door/window frame mold, and vibratory motors. This door frame and window frame is a low-cost solution and highly durable.

We design and supply cement fencing pole-making plants. This plant can be utilized for making cement poles as well as precast cement walls. This plant consists of a cement mixing unit, molds for pole and precast walls, and vibratory motors.

We design and supply projects for making cement poles for electric/ telephone cable conveying. This pole comes in rectangular, trapezoidal, and hollow taper round shapes. Round shape poles are manufactured with centrifugal technology.

This plant consists of concrete batch mixing units and specially mixed concrete carrying trucks.
These are medium-scale plants.

We design and supply artificial crush sand projects. These projects are meant for making sand from stones. This sand is a good replacement for river sand.

We design and supply automatic clay brick-making plants. This plant consists of mixing clay and further feeding it to a molding machine, molded bricks are further backed in the oven or backed with coal firing.

We design and supply complete stone crusher plants from small scale to large scale. These plants consist of a stone crusher, screens, and a gravel handling conveyor system.

We design and supply aluminum section extrusion and further anodizing plants. These sections are widely used for sliding window/door making.

  1. Cement block making plant
  2. Cement paving (Tile) block making
  3. Cement Hume pipes manufacturing with centrifugal machine
  4. Cement door & window frame making plant
  5. Cement fencing pole making plant
  6. Precast Cement poles for electric power distribution and telephone project
  7. Ready mix concrete project

8. Artificial crush sand making plant
9. Clay brick making plant
10. Stone crusher of different capacity
11. Interior and civil design and consultancy services
12. Plumbing material manufacturing plant
13. Aluminium door/ window manufacturing plant