Educational Projects


We design and supply different equipment required for the laboratory of the technical institute and colleges. We supply equipment for food processing labs, civil labs, mechanical labs, chemical labs, computer, and IT labs, electric and instrumentation labs, electronics labs, etc.

We do arrange short-term as well as long-term technical and management programs in India as well as abroad. Our short-term programs on dairy management, poultry management, and food technology engineering are very useful for employment and starting a good business.

We arrange tie-ups of African colleges with Indian institutes and colleges for sharing of knowledge and students. These are custom design programs.

We design and provide drawings for civil construction work of the best colleges and schools.

We supply the best quality notebooks, and textbooks for schools and colleges. We provide complete solutions from curriculum design up to printing.

We provide service of recruitment for Indian teachers, professors, and experts of various fields on a contract basis. All our recruited teachers are having good experience in teaching and school management.

1) Setting up different laboratory for Technical institutes and colleges. 

2) Arrangement of different training programs on Management &
Technical knowledge. 

3) Arrangement of training for different field in India.