Environmental Projects & Waste Recycling Projects

High angle close-up of pieces of recyclable garbage on conveyor belt inside waste management facility.

We design and supply waste treatment plants for various industries. Treated wastewater COD, BOD, and PH values are matched with government-described values these treated water can be recycled or used for gardening and agriculture purposes. These plants are designed on a small scale, medium scale, or large scale. These plants can be designed to fit in shipping containers.

We design solid waste treatment plants for plastics, metals, rubber, paper, etc. This processed waste can be recycled.

We design and supply Municipal waste management plants. This plant consists of a collection of organic and inorganic waste, segregation of waste, biogas generation from organic waste, power generation from biogas, fertilizer making from biogas recycling, or inorganic waste.

We design and supply hospital waste incinerator plants. In this plant waste human body organs, cotton, blood, syringes, and other medical waste are burnt at very high temperatures and converted into ash. This incinerator can be common for all hospital community or individual big-size hospitals.

We design and supply agro-waste processing plants like briquette manufacturing, gasifiers for power generation, organic fertilizers from agro waste, etc.

We design and supply Electronic waste recycling plants, and different types of plants like Battery recycling, Cable/Wires recycling, and PCB board recycling plants. This plant consists of shredders and separators for different materials.

This plant consists of pulp made from collected waste paper. From this pulp, disposable plates and utensils can be made.

We design and supply projects for the disposal of organic food waste from hotels. This project consists of a shredder, biogas, and solid-liquid separator.

1) Waste water treatment plants for food industries, Hotels & Restaurants, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries etc.
2) Solid waste processing plant
3) Municipal (Society) waste management plant
4) Slaughter industry waste water treatment plant
5) Textile industry waste water treatment
6) Compact, Containerised waste water treatment plant

7) R.O (Reverse osmosis plant) for potable water, boiler feed water
8) Hospital waste treatment plant
9) Agro waste processing plants
10) Electronic waste ( e waste processing plant)
11) Waste paper recycling project