Projects Completed On Milk Dairy

We are designing & supplying milk processing plants complete for milk chilling, pasteurizing, homogenizing cream separation & packing, and storage. We are supplying plants from 100 LPD to 5,00,000 LPD capacity.

The milk process plant slant consists of

  1. Milk reception section
  2. Milk pasteurization (UHT or HTST)
  3. Milk storage tanks
  4. Milk packing (pouch or aseptic)
  5. Milk cream storage cold room
  6. Cream separators
  7. Homogenizer
  8. Milk reconstitution unit
  9. Pumps
  10. Stainless steel piping
  11. Refrigeration units
  12. Boilers
  13. CIP unit (Clean in plant unit)
  14. Control panels.

All the above plants can be customized as per customer needs

We are designing & supplying yogurt-making plants in small capacities as well as large capacities, yogurt may be set yogurt or stir yogurt with real fruits, and dry fruits added.

Yogurt plant consists of

  1. Culture-adding tank
  2. Milk standardization unit
  3. Cup fill seal machine
  4. Incubation room
  5. Cold room

We are designing and supplying plant for making butter integrated with milk pasteurizer. Butter may be salted or plain type.

Butter making plant consist of:

  1.  Cream separator
  2.  Continuous butter making machine
  3.  Cream pasteurizer
  4.  Cream ripening Tank
  5.  Butter churner
  6.  Butter extruder
  7.  Butter packing machine
  8.  Butter cold Storage

We design and supply ghee (Butter oil) manufacturing plants on small scale as well as large scales.
Ghee (Butter Oil) Plant consists of 

  1. Butter melting vat
  2. Butter boiler 
  3. Settling tanks
  4. Filtration unit
  5. Clarifier
  6. Ghee pouch packing machine.

We design & supply flavored milk (long shelf life). Flavored milk is sterilized in PET or glass bottles.

This plant consists of

  1.  Pet blowing machine.
  2.  Bottle rinsing machine.
  3.  Bottle filling machine.
  4.  Flavor mixing tank.
  5.  Bottle capping / crowning machine
  6.  Steriliser
  7.  Bottle labeling machine.
  8. Steam Boiler

We design and supply plants for making different types of cheese, such as Mozzarella cheese, Cottage cheese, Gouda cheese, Cheddar cheese, and Processed cheese.

A cheese plant consists of the following components:

  1. Cheese vat
  2. Cheese-cutting blades
  3. Brine tanks
  4. Cheese stretching machine
  5. Cheese cooker
  6. Cheese former
  7. Cheese molds
  8. Whey collection tanks
  9. Cheese packing machines

We design and supply ice cream plants on small-scale as well as large scale. Ice cream consists of family packs and candies with different flavor coating.

An ice cream plant consists of :

  1. Pasteurization tanks
  2. Homogenizer
  3. Plate heat exchanger (PHE)
  4. Filtration system
  5. Ageing vats
  6. Continuous freezer
  7. Cone/cup filling machine
  8. Dipping machine
  9. Flow wrap machine.

We design and supply milk powder-making plants in medium to large capacity, capable of producing whole milk powder or skimmed milk powder.

A milk powder plant typically includes:

  1. Evaporation chamber
  2. Calendarial
  3. Spray dryer
  4. Utilities
  5. Milk powder packing machines.

We design and supply milk collection centers as milk producer farmers are located in different places and away from milk processing factories. To collect milk from farmers, milk collection centers are established in different locations with dense milk areas.

A milk collection center typically includes:

  1. Milk weighing system
  2. Milk testing machine
  3. Milk accounting system
  4. Milk cooling tanks
  5. Electric generator.

We design and supply cold chain equipment and vans for the transportation of milk and milk by-products.

A cold chain typically consists of:

  1. Insulated road milk tankers
  2. Cold rooms
  3. Ice-making units
  4. Small refrigerators at sales counters
  5. Refrigerated trucks

1) Dairy – Milk Processing & Milk Products

a) Capacities – 500 Ltrs/day up to 5,00,000 Ltrs/day for individual growers, co-operatives, corporate
& government organization

2) Milk Processing Units

a) Chilling Units 

b) Pasteurization Units

c) Packing Units with chiller, pasteurizer, S.S. tanks, homogenizer, packing machine

3) Milk Products – Yoghurt line (Set and stirred yoghurt with plane, flavoured and fruit yoghurt)

a) Labna (plane &flavoured)

b) Flavoured milk

c) Butter Milk 

d) Butter & Butter oil

e) Cheese

4) Diary Allied Industries

Ice cream manufacturing units, Sweets manufacturing units.

5) Milk Collection Centres

With automatic accounting system, bulk coolers (which maintain milk at 4 C temp.)

6) Cold Chain

a) Road Tankers

b) Cold storages

c) Refrigerator transport Van

d) Small refrigerator storage at sales centre

e) Ice plant