Our Other Small Projects


We design and supply machinery and equipment for making tissue papers for different applications. Our plant consists of paper unwinding, slitting, printing, rolling, and folding machines.

We design and supply machines for making sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers, etc. This plant consists of cotton-cutting machines, paper-bonding machines, and a special chemical dosing unit.

We design and supply candle-making machines. Our candle-making unit consists of the wax melter, string holders, and dies of different shape candles with an ejector mechanism.

We design and supply machines for making thermocol for different uses like dishes, insulating materials, etc.

We design and supply machines for making essence stick (joss stick). Our project consists of an essence powder, filter machine, essence dryer machine, powder mixing machine, essence stick cutting machine, and incense stick-making machine. These machines come in different capacities ranging from 50 kg to 200 kg per shift.

We supply machines and technology for making chalks for writing on blackboards. This project consists of chalk powder mixing, and filling in molds and ejectors to remove chalks from mold.

This project consists of a cheese vat, cheese press, and packing machine. This project is a small-scale type and useful for people having milk of 50 Liter to 200 liters.

This project is a medium-scale type. In this project batch type pasteurizer is provided along with the bottle, filling machine, crowning machine, and sterilizer. The shelf life of this milk is three months.

This plant consists of a powder mixing machine, screening machine, and pouch packing machine. Different ingredients are mixed in the mixing machine. These mixed ingredients are passed through a screening machine and free-flowing powder is packed in pouches.

This project consists of a vertical tank with agitators, bottle-filling machines, and labeling machines. Different acids and ingredients are mixed into vertical tanks and the mixture is filled in bottles. Labeling is done on these bottles. With this project floor cleaning liquid, Bathroom cleaning liquids, dish
washing liquids are made.

This project is for making detergent soap, dishwashing soap, and bath soap. The machinery consists of a mixing machine, simplex/ duplex plodder, bar cutting machine, soap cutting machine, triple roll mixing machine, stamping machine, flow wrap packing machine, etc. We provide machines as well as complete know-how about soap making.

We provide machines for making ice cream cones/waffles. Our machine consists of a dough kneader, shape former and baking machines.

This project consists of rubber presses, different shapes, and styles of molds, a coir stitching machine, etc.

We provide small projects for making different sizes and shapes stamps. This project consists of font and shape cutting machines, the plastic base for sticking stereo, and special glue.

We provide machines for making different footwear from PU, rubber, and plastics. EVA sheets are cut in slipper base form and belts are woven in punched holes.

This project consists of a plastic injection molding machine and a printing machine. Different-capacity syringes are made with these machines.

We provide materials and technology for making perfumes and deodorants. The material consists of deodorized neutral alcohols, perfumes, bottles, cans, and sprays. Perfumes are mixed in alcohol as per the formulation provided and bottled in glass, or plastic bottles.

  1. Paper napkins, toilet rolls & facial tissue manufacturing unit
  2. Sanitary napkins manufacturing unit
  3. Candle making units
  4. ‘Leather garments manufacturing
  5. Thermocole cup, plate Mfg.
  6. Essence stick (Joss stick) Mfg. plant
  7. Chalk making unit
  8. Cheese making units
  9. Flavoured milk making Unit
  10. Detergent powder
  11. Sanitary chemical
  12. Soap Making
  13. French Fry French Fry
  14. Fruit bar

15. Ice cream cone/Waffles making unit
16. Jute bag making
17. Rubber floor mat processing
18. Ink stamp (Stereo type)
19. Footwear slipper manufacturing
20. Cotton ear buds
21. Disposable plastic syringe making
22. Gaur gum Mfg.
23. Herbal oil
24. Perfumes & Deodrant spray Mfg.
25. Match sticks Mfg.
26. Rubber band Mfg.
27. Micro brewing plant