Project on Packaging Industries

Projects Completed On Packaging Industries


We design and supply machines for making plastic shopping bags. These shopping bags are made from pre-printed plastic film. Plastic bags are made in different sizes and shapes.

The plant is designed for making jute bags from jute strings. Different sizes and capacity bags are made from jute strings. Jute bags are used for sugar packing, different grain packing, Coffee packing, etc.

We design and supply Paint/Oil container-making plants. These are high-capacity injection molding machines. After molding deflashing is done and printed on rotary screen printer.

We designed and supplied LDPE plastic film-blowing plants. LDPE granules are blown with Hot air and rolled on a top roller.

We supply HDPE fabric or sack-making plants. In this plant, HDPE fabric is woven and further back stitching and printing are done. These sacks are used for the packing of sugar, cement, and commodity grains.

We supply machines for making corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are made from different sizes of corrugated paper rolls. This plant consists of cutting machines, crazing machines, gluing machines, and stapling machines.

We supply thermoforming machines for making food packing. For example; cakes, biscuits, cookies, pasta, etc. From this machine, nursery trays are also made. This packing material is made from LDPE material.

We supply paper cup-making machines. This machine has paper feeding, cup form seal, bottom punching, heating, rolling, trimming, rounding, and tripping. Cup size can be 30 ml to 350 ml and suitable paper material 150 to 380 g/m2.

We supply a machine for shrink packing on plastic bottles, caps, etc. Shrink sleeves are added to desired material and passed through a shrink tunnel. The film gets shrunk on the material.

We supply form, fill, and seal packing machines for free-flowing materials. The packing capacity isgramsgram to 1000 grams. An inbuilt eye mark reader and printing station are available in this machine.

We supply form, fill, and seal machines for liquid materials like milk, oil, water, etc. Desired quantity of fluid is filled and further center seal and top/bottom sealing are done. The volume of filling is adjustable.

We supply sachet packing machines for semi-solid materials like tomato paste, sauce, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. These machines are semi-automatic type and the filling volume is adjustable from 5 ml to 100 ml.

Weigh matric packing machines have primary/ secondary vibratory motors. As the vibratory motor operates, desired set quantity starts flowing to the cup as soon as the weight is achieved motor stops vibrating. These machines are useful for packing chips, fries, and puffed snacks.

Flow wrap packing machines are horizontal packing machines. Materials to be packed, and fed to the conveyor, Packing papers attached wrap around products and gives center as well as top bottom seal. This machine is useful for bath soap packing, ice cream packing, or any solid material of uniform shape and size.

We supply foil-sealing machines used for the sealing of food containers. This machine can be fully automatic or semi-automatic type maximum Cup neck size is 90 mm.

We supply dispensing machines for liquid, semisolid material. These dispensing machines dispense desired quantities of fluid. These machines can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. These machines are very useful for lotion filling, liquid juice, honey filling, etc.

We supply handheld and online batch printing machines. These bar codes are useful for tracking batch numbers, Date of manufacturing, etc.

We supply can forming and seaming machines. These machines are used for forming flatter cans and further top and bottom seaming.

We supply aseptic packing machines for milk, cream, juices, and aseptic packaging which gives 5 to 6 months shelf life in unopened condition. This aseptic packing may be in the brick form or pouch form.

1) Plastic carry bag making plant
2) Jute bag making plant
3) Paint container making plant
4) LDPE Plastic film extrusion plant
5) HDPE fabric & sack making plant
6) HDPE Fabric / Sack printing machine
7) Corrugated box making plant
8) Corrugated paper making plant
9) Plastic containers for food packing
10) Paper cup, cone, dish making plant
11) Shrink packing tunnel
12) Packing machines for free flowing material like sugar, salt, etc.
13) Packing machines for liquid material like milk, oil, honey, etc.
14) Packing machines for semi solid material like Tomato sauce, tooth paste, shampoo etc.

15) Packing machines for solid material like soap bars, ice creams, razors etc.
16) Packing machines for food products like Potato chips, French fries etc.
17) Foil sealing machines for Glass/ Plastic bottles
18) Jute/ HDPE bag closing machine
19) Dispensing machines
20) Batch code printing machine
21) Cartoon sealing machine
22) Box strapping machine
23) Stretch wrapping machine
24) Form, fill, seal, packing machine
25) Metal Can forming, seaming machine