Projects Completed On Poultry


We design and supply equipment and machinery for bird hatcheries. hatching plant consists of temperature and humidity-controlling machines, Egg handling machines, etc.

We design and supply semi-automatic as well as fully automatic poultry farms for broilers as well as layer birds. Our designed plants consist of automatic water systems, egg collection systems, and feeding systems. litter removing system, temperature, and humidity controlling system.

We design and supply poultry feed plants on small to large scale. This plant consists of cleaning equipment, grinding machines, mixing machines, and intermediate screw conveyors/elevators.

We design and supply biogas plants running on poultry litter. These plants consist of a litter feeding system, biogas generation system, power generation system, and organic fertilizer-making system.

  1. Establishment of Hatcheries (small, medium & big)
  2. Poultry farm (for Broiler & layer – small, medium & big )
  3. Poultry Equipment (Cages, feeding & drinking equipment silos, manure removal system)
  4. Poultry Feed, Mill
  5. Poultry Concentrates
  6. Poultry Minerals
  7. Poultry Veterinary Drugs
  8. Poultry Meat Processing Units and equipments (Mincer, Bowl Chopper, Sausage, stuffer, smoking cabinet, portioning machine)

9. Egg Collection, sorting and separation and conveying system
10. Defethering machine manual, semi automatic& automatic
11. Poultry Slaughter house, small / medium and big
12. Egg Packing Trays
13. S.S. Tables, trolley for hygienic cleaning and handling of meat.
14. Organic fertilizer from poultry manure and slaughter waste.
15. Cold storage and cold chain