Projects Completed In Engineering Sector

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We design and supply steel / CI foundry setups for the casting of various products required in automobile, and heavy industry. Our project consists of the facility from product design, pattern design, casting, fettling, machining, etc.

We design and supply projects for heat treatment like annealing, hardening, quenching, tempering,
black hardening, etc. Our supplied equipment is fully automatic with graph plotting arrangement.

We design and supply projects for aluminum gravity casting and pressure die casting. Our project consists of a melting furnace, ladles, patterns, core boxes, etc. In pressure die casting we supply a pressure die casting machine and its molds.

We design and supply plants for making different lengths and diameters of wire nails. Plant Consist of a wire role deformer, wire nailing machine, and polishing machine.

We design and supply projects for making fencing wires of different gauges and different mesh sizes. Our automatic machines consist of weaving, Rolling, and cutting of wire mesh. Our barbed wire machine is useful for making sharp barbs and further Rolling In bundle form.

We design and supply technology and machinery for the manufacturing of different types of water and chemical pumps. Our services Inclusive of pump design, pattern design, casting Technology, machining, pump assembly, and performance testing.

We design and supply Technology for the fabrication of MS, stainless steel, and plastic. Fabrication Technology consists of welding machines, cutting machines, fixtures, and various safety equipment.

We design and supply briquette-making machines. Raw materials used for briquette making are various agro waste, sawmill dust, etc. The briquette plant consists of a hammer mill, turbo dryer, and briquetting machine.

We design and supply electric motor manufacturing plants and Technology. Our plant consists of electric motor design, and winding Technology.  Rotor-making technology. Electric motor testing machines etc.

We design and supply technology and equipment in a metal scrap processing plant. Our project consists of segregation machines, compacting machines, and bailing machines.

We design and supply Technology for making ERP fishing boats, pedal type boats. We supply different types of molds and FRP material with technology for making boats.

We design and supply Technology for making different types of belt conveyors, elevators, Screw Conveyors, etc. Our project consists of conveyor design know-how, manufacturing machine, and belt jointing machines.

We design and supply plants for making aluminum sections, used for making partitions, sliding doors, Windows, etc. This plant consists of an extrusion machine and different extrusion molds.

We design and supply powder coating and galvanizing plants for coating on metal surfaces for decorative and Anti-corrosive layer purposes. This plant consists of a hanger conveyor, galvanizing solution tank, and a powder coating gun.

We design and supply machinery for making rubber conveyor Belts of different sizes with nylon fabric insertion. This plant consists of a ban burry mixer, calendaring machines, cutting machines, and recycling machines.

We design and supply technology and machinery for making nut bolts and washers of different standards in different materials like SS, MS, duplex, etc. The fastener manufacturing unit consists of bar cutting machines, milling, Machines, chaser machines, lathe machines, CNC, VMC machines, and a heat treatment plant.

We design and supply Technology for making different transformers. This plant consists of sheet metal machines, copper winding machines, and transformer testing machines.

We design and supply Technology for making Hospital furniture like adjustable beds, O.T tables, medicines storage boxes, etc. Our design consists of complete drawings material selection guide and fabrication machinery.

We design and supply Technology for manufacturing weight Bridges (Lorry weighing systems). Our Technology includes design, and material supply For for Pit type or pitless type, weigh bridge of size 18mtr * 3 mtr or 20 mtr*3 mtr capacity of 40 tons,60 tons, 80 tons,100 tons, and 120 tons. Weigh Bridge is complete with steel structure, load cell, junction box, display, software, printer, etc.

  1. Steel foundry set-up
  2. Heat treatment set-up
  3. Aluminium foundry
  4. Wire nail making plant
  5. Fencing wire, Barbed wire making plant
  6. Pressure die casting project
  7. Setting up different pump manufacturing plant
  8. Fabricating technology
  9. Briquette making plant
  10. Motor manufacturing plant
  11. Small pumps manufacturing plant
  12. Stationery & notebook manufacturing plant
  13. Metal scrap processing plant
  14. FRP boat building technology

 15.Paint manufacturing plant                 16. Conveyor system Mfg. plant                                 17. Aluminum profile extrusion plant                       18. Alcohol Making unit
 19. Powder coating galvanizing plant                 20. Conveyor belt Mfg. plant
 21. Nut/bolt fasters making projects
 22. Transformer manufacturing
 23. Electric wires, cable manufacture plant
 24. Glass & ceramic bottles manufacture plant   25. Hospital furniture making unit                   26. Vehicles filter manufacture plant.         27. Vehicles silencer manufacture plant           28. Weigh bridge manufacturing