Projects Completed On Plastic & Rubber Industries


We design and supply plastic blow molding plants. This plant consists of vertical plastic blow molding machines, air compressors, shredders, and different molds for blow molding machines. Different products like jerry cans, toys, and bottles are made with this machine.

We design and supply PET blow molding machine plants used for making PET bottles for packaged water, pharma bottles, perfume bottles, liquor bottles, etc. This plant consists of preform hot air-blowing machines. These machines can be single-station or multi-station.

We design and supply horizontal or vertical plastic injection molding plants. This plant can be small-scale or large-scale. This plant can be designed in full automatic semi-automatic, or manual type. The plant consists of injection molding machines, granules preheating ovens, shredder, deflashing machines, die handling equipment, chillers, etc. With injection molding machines small as well as large automobile components are manufactured in nylon, HDPE, PP, ABS, Delrin, and PU material.

We design and supply plastic roto molding plants. This plant consists of roto molds and their heating arrangement. With roto-molding products like water tanks, bins, automotive parts, and boats are made. Roto-molded components may be single-layer or multilayer type.

We design and supply plants for plastic extrusion. This plant consists of the extruder and further heating and cooling arrangement. With this plant components like extruded channels, water pipes, hose pipes, PVC pipes, and drip irrigation pipes are made.

We design and supply plastic sintered products making plant. In this plant, the plastic powder is filled in a pre-heated mold and pressed under the press, and kept for some time. A typical example of such a product is UHMWPE sheets, rods, bush, etc.

We design and supply plants for making a casting of engineering plastics like cast nylon, and cast polyurethane. This Plastic are having high tensile strength and can replace metal parts.

We design and supply rubber compound-making units. Rubber compounds are the raw material for rubber compression molding, rubber injection molding, and rubber extrusions. 

Rubber compound-making units consist of a rubber kneading machine, bale cutter, two-role mixing mill, compound testing press, and compound testing laboratory. 

Along with compounds we provide a different formulation for compounding in natural and synthetic rubber like EPDM, silicon, nitrite, neoprene, etc.

We design and supply rubber compression molding plants. In these plants, vertical hydraulic presses and molds are provided. Rubber compounds are filled in mold and compressed under pressure and heated at a certain temperature and pressure. With this technology, lots of automotive, domestic, and engineering components are made.

We design and supply rubber profile extrusion plants. This plant consists of rubber extrusion machines, and online curing microwaves or autoclaves. These extruded profiles are widely used in the automotive industry, machinery, and domestic use.

We provide technology and machinery for anti-corrosive rubber lining for chemical pumps, valves, pipes, etc. This technology inclusive of bonding material, sticking tools, an autoclave, and spark testing for leakage. With this technology rubber rollers, printing rollers, paper mill rollers, plywood industry rollers, and rice mill rollers are manufactured in different quality rubbers.

We design and supply projects for automobile tire remolding. This unit consists of removing old rubber, sticking new rubber to the base, and further vulcanizing in an autoclave.

We design and supply plastic film-blowing plants, with this plant plastic mulch film and geo membrane paper of various sizes are manufactured.

1) Plastic blow moulding
2) Plastic injection moulding
3) Rubber moulding, Extrusion plant

4) Plastic roto moulding
5) PVC pipe fitting manufacturing
6) Plastic recycling plants