Projects Completed On Service Based Business

A background of a water park and a swimming pool with bright colors

We design and supply water borewell machines. With these machines,s one can start the business of giving service of digging bore wells for farmers or companies. We can supply machines from 4inchesh to 12-inch Diameter.

We provide a fully automatic (brush cleaning) and semi-automatic car washing system. In fully automatic systems car is parked on the ramp and the brush rotates from all sides of the car along with high-pressure water.  In a semi-automatic system high-pressure pump is provided and attached to a high-pressure hose. A wastewater treatment plant can be provided to treat wastewater from this plant.

We design and supply complete setups for restaurants and hotels. Our setup consists of furniture, kitchen equipment, utensils, software system, etc.

We design and supply water park setup which includes slides, different amusement rides, swimming pools, and other recreational and entertainment activities.

We design and supply tyre remolding plants. In this plant old worn-out tyre retreads are removed and new retreads are stuck and vulcanized. These plants are useful for remolding of car, truck, and earth-moving machine tyres.

We design and develop different types of software as per customer needs. Our ready software is useful for supermarkets, restaurants, and business accounting. also, we develop customized software as per customer needs.

We design services for static and dynamic type websites. We can develop e-commerce websites with secure payment gateways.

We design and supply projects for computerized wheel balancing services for balancing vehicle wheels. The computer system checks the imbalance of the wheels and the wheels are balanced with the help of attaching weights.

1) Borewell machine supply
2) Car washing station set-up
3) Restaurant and fast food set-up
4) Water park (Recreation) set-up
5) Medical tourism set-up
6) Sales out let setup
7) Tyre remoulding plant set-up

8) Software development
9) Website development and management
10) Sugar cane juice extracting & serving
11) Automobile battery maintenance shop
12) Carbonated drink (ready to serve mounted on vehicle) processing unit
13) Computerised wheel balancing service