Wood & Furniture Machines


We supply combination woodworking machines having different facilities like planning, drilling, chamfering, scoring, cutting, etc. Our woodworking machines are highly durable.

We supply wooden plywood making plant. This plant consists of a wood log debarker,  a veneer peeling dealing machine, a veneer clipping machine, a drying machine, gluing machine, a pressing machine, a hot pressing machine, a sanding machine, a trimming machine, and a patching machine. This plant is suitable for medium-scale to large-scale.

We design and supply machines for making wooden furniture. This plant consists of a log-cutting machine, planning machines, CNC router machine.

  1. Combination wood working m/c
  2. Band saw
  3. Wood working lathe
  4. Timber cutting & Processing m/c
  5. Wooden plywood making plant

6. Veneer making plant
7. Wood working tools & instruments
8. Furniture making workshop
9. Wooden boat building workshop                10. Wooden toys making shop